2022 Pinnacle of Safety Award

This award is to recognize the OSC member company that has achieved the highest levels of excellence. This achievement will be judged on management commitment, safety culture and above-and-beyond performance in the area of safety and health. Your story should inspire others to reach for the Pinnacle of Safety.

The winner will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon during the 2022 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference & Expo on Thursday, August 4th.   

Mail completed award application by Friday, June 15th: 
Oklahoma Safety Council
ATTN: Pinnacle of Safety Award
2400 S. Vermont Ave. 
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Questions: Contact Betsey Kulakowski at betseyk@oksafety.org.

Please submit a written response to the following questions:

  1. Describe your company’s safety accomplishments over the past year.
  2. Describe your company’s journey to the Pinnacle of Safety.  What experiences or lessons brought your company to where you are now?
  3. Why is safety a core value at your organization?
  4. What is the biggest obstacle to safety at your organization, and how do you work to overcome it?
  5. How do you instill a sense of safety in employees on an ongoing basis?
  6. How does your organization measure safety? 
  7. Where do you see room for improvement?
  8. What goals and objectives did you set and implement to bring you to where you are today?
  9. What role does off-the-job safety play in your organization’s overall safety program?
  10. What types of off-the-job safety and health programs does your organization offer to employees?
  11. What does this award mean to your company?
    Additionally, submit the following items:
  12. A copy of your written safety policy statement 
  13. DART & TRCR (for the last three completed years)
  14. NAICS for your Industry
  15. Number of employees at your facility
  16. Number of employees company-wide