24-Hour HAZWOPER (3-Day Course)

Course Date:

June 19, 2023

Course Time:

8:53 am

Course Location:

Oklahoma Safety Council

Hazardous materials and waste are part of many work situations and can be found on many types of job sites. It is important for employees know how to recognize these potentially dangerous substances. OSHA mandates that workers who are on site only occasionally for a specific limited task (such as, but not limited to, ground water monitoring, land surveying, or geophysical surveying) and who are unlikely to be exposed over permissible exposure limits or workers who are on site regularly working in areas which have been monitored and fully characterized indicating that exposures are under permissible exposure limits where respirators are not necessary, and there are no health hazards or the possibility of an emergency developing, shall receive a minimum of 24 hours of instruction off site. This course meets the requirements for 24 hours initial classroom training prescribed under OSHA 29 CFR1910.120. The OSHA-mandated one day minimum field experience under a trained, experienced supervisor is the responsibility of the student’s employer or potential employer.

This course is designed to explain the regulations and to help employees reduce or eliminate potential exposure to hazardous materials in their work environment. Attendees of this course will learn the basic health and safety skills necessary to work with and around hazardous materials and waste.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the purpose of OSHA as well as its role in regulating occupational safety and health.
  • Understand the HAZWOPER regulations and training requirements.
  • Understand the principles of toxicology and how they relate to chemical exposures.
  • Recognize and identify hazardous materials in the workplace, and the possible methods, symptoms, and preventative methods of exposure.
  • Familiarization with materials, substances, compounds and mixtures that may contain explosive, flammable, chemical, or radiological hazards.
  • Overview of site hazards and work practices to minimize employee risk.
  • Importance of and selection of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Understand the components and application of the site safety and health plan.
  • Understand spill/leak control procedures, emergency response planning, and response.
  • Understand the principles of decontamination and the methods used.
  • Understand the Global Harmonizing System, the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Container Labels, and other informational resources to identify and properly handle hazardous materials.

(3-day course) 

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