The search for options began well over a year ago and for the past seven months, Marty led the quest for a new location–but to no avail. With Tulsa’s booming economy, commercial property values were high and most landlords were not willing to do the necessary buildout to enable OSC to fully utilize the space. Plus, moving physical locations would prove to be costly.

Then came an ironic convenience of circumstance: the solution was as close as next door. Suddenly, the adjacent office space was available, which would provide the needed space. It was the perfect solution. OSC would ultimately lease the space.

Fast forward to June, 2023, expansion and renovation efforts are currently underway to renovate and reconfigure the training center’s existing space and transform the newly acquired 1,950 square foot space.

“The anticipated results will be transformative,” Marty indicated, “and it will come very quickly.”

By early August, students will enjoy learning in an expanded computer lab, complete with new computers and 19 additional cubicle spaces to accommodate demand. These are necessary upgrades because most all inbound students come to the center for computer-based training courses. A new proctor station will be added to better facilitate student testing activities in the new lab.

Notably, an additional classroom will enable the training center to host courses simultaneously. Currently, students attending the Basic Orientation Plus course occupy much of the available programming space, limiting other popular courses such as First Aid/CPR/AED and Forklift Operator and Instructor from being presented on the same day.

Student comfort was at the center of the Tulsa expansion plan. While students are waiting for their courses to begin, they will enjoy the comfort and convenience of a spacious waiting area. The existing space is also being renovated with fresh paint and new carpeting.

With the demolition of a few walls and reconfiguration, OSC will be equipped with a total of 6,850 square feet of programming space to better serve the Tulsa community.

“None of this progress would have been possible without the cooperation and willingness of TechRidge Office Park in working with OSC to complete the necessary buildout to maximize the use of the acquired space,” Marty says.

It is this collaborative spirit, the tearing down of barriers, that yields the space needed for a brighter future for all students served with occupational safety training at OSC.